A internet community where people share stories of their experiences with coprophillia. Also there are some forums dedicated to art, but nobody cares about that.
I like to eatpoo
by xen May 02, 2004
Top Definition
The notorious invaders of subpar art communities. Ex: The infiltration of Elfwood, the Polykarbon bandits, etc.

Also, nearly all members of the community are amazingly talented artists. (Nivbed, Katheryn, Ken, Bengal, Brendan, etc.)
Holy f**ck we've been invaded by Eatpoo! Shit, I'm just gonna kill myself now.
by glitter November 20, 2003
An online art community known for being a little on the wild side.
Wow those guys over at eatpoo are sure good artists/
by Smurf August 18, 2003
2)mastication of fecal matter
3)a group of incredibly funny pretentious assholes (and then some) who tend to chew bubble gum, even when, in fact, they are all out of bubble gum.
4)A group of some of the nicest guys you'll meet out there, also--incredibly talented t o the point where you'll wanna kick yourself in the face.
"Ask me if I'm a dinosaur"
"..Are you a dinosaur?"
by wouldnt you like to know May 02, 2004
eatpoo = n00b barbecue. Except that we don't put'em on hot embers, we lightningbolt them. They taste mucho better this way.
I think if God still walked the earth he'd find these morons and headbutt the stupid out of 'em. -Sunder
by benkor May 02, 2004
The only thing in the world better than God himself.
Eatpoo fucking owns you all even God.
by goji December 04, 2003
adj. describing obnoxious, over-rated, artists who spend their days acting retarded in groups, thus bringing an end to their own relevance.


racist, sexist, art communities which drive away their own registered members and no longer have enough traffic to support themselves.
omg! This art group sucks ballz! It is total eatpoo!


Holy shit, this club is dead tonight! Just like eatpoo! Let's go somewhere else.
by moosekaboose April 16, 2006
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