The act of letting someone eat the food at your house after smoking weed or serenity.. Comes from the term "smoking out"
Dude after we smoke will you eat me out because I'm gonna have crazy munchies.. Can also be used as the term eating out
by Dj ticka teee January 20, 2010
1.when you go out to dinner by yourself if ur a total ass, ith a group if u cant get a date or as a couple when the guy wants some.
2.when a guy bites or sticks his tongue in a girls pussy.
1 hey kristi, u wanna go out 2 eat and do each other when we get back?

2 i was eating her out so bad she was crying!
by sexxyladdy February 25, 2004
n. to get your ass chewed by one of your parents after getting in trouble
1. Last night my dad ate out my sister because she wasn't at home on time

2. Lindsay, don't ditch school your dad will eat you out
by 17 December 27, 2004
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