Licking a girl's vagina
I was eating out my girlfriend's vagina
by Arceus777 March 09, 2014
The best thing for a woman. Looks hot between two women. And is great here how u do it:

Take off her clothes in a darkish room make sure you can see her and she can see you but not so light that she can't relax

Start off by kissing her thighs as if your kissing her mouth
Then start fingering her cunt

Then stick yourfimgers in er mouth
Now massage her breasts

OK now put your lips to the lips of her cunt and kiss softly
Now lick don't worry about being gentle lick hard as you can make sure you get everything out.

Now stick your tounge up her vagina with your lips covering her as much as you can and suck
PS I am great at eating out and am bisexual ;)
by expertno1 August 14, 2014
1.) a casual or formal event where a person or group of people go to a restaurant to have a meal

2.) a phrase containing sexual connotations involving either an intense make-out session or intense oral sex
hey are we eating out tonight?
yeah, hitting up that new place!

dude how'd the date go?
man, I was eating out that chick!

hey girl how'd the date go?
o my gosh the guy was totally eating me out! it was awesome!
by superblah August 19, 2011
where a man(or woman depending on the situation) eats out a womans cum, out of her vagina.
"holy shit dude, i was totally eating out that girllast night"
"woah was she wet?"
"hell yeah!"
by peace_like_woahh February 20, 2009
when you you suck and lick and taste a girls pussy
Kate is so good at eating out. me and her last night licked each other all night
by ashleey May 18, 2008
eating out is when a guy (in my case a girl) licks and sucks out the cunt in a girl. it is very fun and exciting. the key is to make your girlfriend happy with pleasure. try fingering her with however many fingers she can take. also rub the tip of her pussy to make her scream with pleasure. if she has a lack of cunt to come out then you might not be giving her what she desires.
sorry, i cant come, im gonna be eating out dana later on tonite.
by theperson udntwannatlktew May 22, 2010
The act of letting someone eat the food at your house after smoking weed or serenity.. Comes from the term "smoking out"
Dude after we smoke will you eat me out because I'm gonna have crazy munchies.. Can also be used as the term eating out
by Dj ticka teee January 20, 2010

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