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Licking, Sucking, Nibbling, on a girls pussy. It feels amazing and i love when my boyfriend does it in the shower. After to repay him, i give him a blow job on his huge delicious cock as he moans and begs for more, i let him finish it off by cumming all over my body as i moan loudly.
"He was eating out my wet pussy in the shower as i moaned for more."
by MeSoHorny11 May 29, 2009
To go down on your girlfriend or wife.
To cause extrem pleasure for your girlfriend or wife.
The best thing a guy could do for his girlfriend or wife.
An unselfish act.
If done correctly, you could give your girlfriend or wife an orgasm or multiple orgasms.
Some thing that takes practice.
Some thing that can be fun if you give it a chance.
To lick a womens clitoris, vigina lips, and vigina entrance.
Can be done while fingering your girlfriend or wife.
Eating out my girlfriend is the best thing Im good at.
by xX(-SWB-)Xx January 26, 2009
Oral sex performed on a woman. Licking pussy. Cunnilingus.
When I rub and finger my tight pussy, I imagine that a hot guy is licking my clit and sucking my cunt, or "eating me out". That thought makes me horny and wet. Mmmm...
by SexxxiTori May 22, 2005
Eating out is when someone starts to lick or bite a pussy or vagina.
"Yes, dear, he's eating me out right now!!!"
by Douchebag February 10, 2003
Eating at a restaurant or eatery. (which is actually basically the same thing as a restaurant)Also a synonym for cunnilingus
Alf: Hey Rick; how was your date with Eve yesterday?
Rick: It was great; we went to this outdoor restaurant in the park and ate out.
Alf: -Snicker, laugh.-
Rick: What's so funny?
Alf: -Cough.- Nothing.
by Mike December 16, 2004
Term used for performing oral sex on a female, also known as cunnilingus. Women and men all vary so it is not necessarily every woman's favourite form of sex and it is not necessarily unpleasant for all men. If you want to know what they think, ask them.

Not a form of payment for head or sex. Sex is not money. Personally, I would have given head without being eaten out, for example.
Guy 1: Hey you should be eating out your girlfriend regularly so she gives you head
Guy 2: Nah dude she doesn't make me do that for head, I spoke to her. She said she much prefers fingering or fucking.
Guy 1: Woah you're lucky you don't have to eat her out!
Guy 2: No, I still do it, just love that feel bro
Guy 1: ...Dude...you're fucking weird...
Guy 2: ....Anyway, gotta go I'm seeing my girlfriend now XD XD XD
by Fen_94 April 10, 2013
where a guy/girl licks a girls pussy
patrick f eats out his sister all the time
by princessbish July 12, 2003