The act of eating shit, or telling someone to eat shit as an insult.
Tim: hey man what's up?
Don: not much what do you want?
Tim: nothing, nevermind. Eat shit.
Din: wow dude
by Jeffers668 February 05, 2010
when your doing something extreme, like mountain biking, water tubing, etc., and you take a massive wipeout
when you eat shit after falling off a water tube at 45 mph, it hurts like hell.
by tubve August 18, 2008
to fall (wipe out) painfully on a skateboard or just in general to the amusement of onlookers.

not to be confused with simply slipping and falling.

only when falling is accompanied by severe pain or when it appears to.

past tense: ate shit
i tried to ollie the 9stair but instead god decided i should eat shit, sliding face first, flipping and hitting my head along the way.
by viciousk August 13, 2009
what you should do for having to look up the definition of "eat shit." its a simple verb modifying a simple noun. what is so fucking hard to understand?
you need to eat shit if you have to look up its meaning.
by Robaht Van Dyck January 02, 2010
the act of eating shit
A girl calls her friend after 11 pm to sleepover. She has her brother to ask if he can put his head between her friends legs. The friend wipes her shit on her pussy in case someone tries to force their hands down her pants. So she says yes and the guy EAT SHIT!!!!
by thebest4ever December 07, 2009
1.when one is stating that another is inferior
2.when one fails at something therfore eating shit.
1. dean;dude i got an f on my english test. billy boy; eat shit
2.johnny trips over a traffic cone in gym. ted yells "eat shit".
by asian guy named weiwei February 22, 2009
When you are really pissed off at someone this is a good reference to use in order to convey that message.Also commonly followed up with,"And bark at the moon."
Oh yeah,Well eat shit and bark at the moon asswipe!
by Dennis McCallson March 22, 2007

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