1. (slang) To have some sort of accident
2. Literally to eat some sort of feces
1. That turn was so sharp it made him eat shit.
2. Why does your dog eat shit?
by John D August 23, 2003
1.when one is stating that another is inferior
2.when one fails at something therfore eating shit.
1. dean;dude i got an f on my english test. billy boy; eat shit
2.johnny trips over a traffic cone in gym. ted yells "eat shit".
by asian guy named weiwei February 22, 2009
the correct pronunciation of:
atchoo (a sneeze)
said out loud during the actual sneeze.
Bless You.
by BAM July 31, 2004
To have an untimely upset on an off road motorcycle, used in description.
That fag-bitch Scott closed the door on me, causing me to lose the front end, then I ate shit bad!
by soup April 03, 2003
To consume one's or another's feaces
Ben: "Oi, eat shit!"

Pedestrian proceeds to eat shit
by Pelt February 04, 2007
While snowboarding or skiing and wipping out and eating snow.
-"Fuck man, did you see me just ate shit! "
by k-dawg March 19, 2005
What poor people do.
Hobo Bob:Hey joe,look what I found!
Hobo Joe: Alright! Shit!
Hobo Bob:Let's eat shit
by Ren&Azi March 18, 2006
verb; to trip and or fall, to embarrass oneself
"HAHAHAHA did you see Allison eat shit?!?"
"haha no man, I bet it was funny though"
by ALEXISNICOLE December 16, 2014

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