Definition: The art of licking a woman in a way that helps her climax satisfactorily.
How To Eat Her & Help Her Cum: The key is to be attentive to what she wants and to what feels good to her. Do this only if you're sure she wants you to. Start by gently touching her labias with your tongue. It's important for her to realize that you want to pleasure her.
Kiss her labias. Gently. Then, using your thumbs on each side of her labias, draw them apart, and slide your tongue inside, slowly licking her vaginal entrance and the area around it. Then, after a bit, again using your thumbs, draw her labias apart at the top and with your tongue and thumb, move aside her "hood" and look for or feel the round organ that's about the diameter of a pencil eraser. This is her clit. Now use your tongue all around it, on the base, on the sides, with slow licks, fast licks, all over her, PAYING VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO HOW SHE RESPONDS! Take your time. Usually a woman wants to enjoy the PROCESS, in other words, the road to her orgasm. Using her responses as a guide, lick her slowly or faster, with hard pressure or softer, on the "shaft" (the long elongated "vein" that runs from the base of her clit to the tip), and on the sides. Use some imagination -- try long slow licks, or little thumps, or feathering. Again, PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT WORKS FOR HER! Don't change position, speed, or type of licking too quickly; wait long enough to let her see if she likes it or not. Ask her to tell you what she wants. When she reaches her climax, you can try to keep your tongue on her, but it may be too intense. Usually she won't want you to move it around at that point. Take your tongue away, but keep it in her vulval area; she may respond to a quick touch with your tongue after her climax abates, and you may be able to help her go off again, and maybe still a third time. Caress her, kiss her, take your time to let her enjoy this enormous pleasure. And remember: you're doing this for HER, not for you! You can start by fingering her, but remember that eating her will probably be much more pleasurable for her, but only if you do it right.
OMG!...Mark came over last night and wanted to eat me! WOW, did he get me off! He sure knows how to eat out!

I had never been eaten out before, but when Carl did it last night, it was incredible. I've never cum like that before.

WOW! Artie ate me, and then I let him fuck me hard. But I just wanted him to eat me out.
by Joe415000 February 22, 2009
*To go somewhere to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, particularly at a restaurant.

*To engage in oral sex with a woman's vagina (using your mouth and tongue).
"Wanna go eat out at Old Country Buffet?"

"God she is so hot, I wanna eat her out!!!"

"Whether you're a guy or girl, pussy'll always drive ya crazy!"
-advice from Chris Rock
by Dave April 16, 2004
My Boyf does this really well... he rubs my clit and finger-fucks me so fast... then he'd tongue fuck me... so i'd try to pull away because i couldn't stand its intensity... but then he just grabs me so i scream and cum.. its so fucking good! guys should do it more often for their girlfriends.
my boyfriend is so good when he wants to eat out.
by **MadRad** August 25, 2007
licking and eating pussy. can be enjoyable for both cuz that shit tastes good and she loves it. it can be fun to cuz theres all kinds of things u can do. u can fuck her with your tongue, lick her clit, cuck her clit, finger her vagina or anus at the same time, play with her boobs at the same time, u can eat her out while she sucks ur dick. the possibilities are endless. and its something real men do. women love it and if u dont do it u should its one of the great things in life
"i love to eat out pussy"
"i ate my girl out for hours last night"
by Mike Hunt Sr. September 16, 2008
when a man or woman licks another's woman's pussy so bad they cant stand it anymore. They open their legs and go for a longg, bumpy, ride....
please enjoy, WHAT I WANT...CALL ME
Ted "open your legs up, i want lunch"
Liz "good i was hoping i was a good restaurant"

"my girlfriends so hott, i ate her out four times last night, that would make...FOUR MEALS"
by eat me out nooooowww December 28, 2004
To preform in oral sex on a girl. This is used for sexual pleasure and could be preformed on a girl by a boy or a girl. A boy (or girl) can lick the inside (and, granted, outside) of a girl's vagina while she moans and screams in pleasure.
1. Jane and her boyfriend Joey had oral sex last night. Joey would lick the inside of her pussy so hard, fast, and long she demanded that his dick was in her vagina that instant. He refused, trying to get her even more aroused, and continued to eat her out. She couldn't resist moaning in pleasure and eventually begged him for more. He kept licking her clitoris and caressed her breasts while doing so. She started screaming out of sheer enjoyment. All the neighbors could hear was "Oh lord, oh dear god, Joey, OOOOOH.....OH, OH MY, AAAAH, OH!!!!!!!!!!!" and he could taste her cum in his mouth. He decided she was wet enough and shoved his penis into her vagina hard and fast. Joey decided to eat out every night for the rest of their relationship.

2. Lisa's best friend, Courtney, slept over at her house like she did every weekend while they were in high school. Lisa's parents weren't ever home, so they did pretty much whatever they pleased, like eating ice cream out of the container. But one night, Lisa suggested that she and Courtney have sex, just for fun. They both jumped onto Lisa's parent's bed and stripped down without a word. They threw off the covers and dimmed the lights so it wasn't as embarrasing. Lisa and Courtney were talking dirty, getting each other pretty horny and making out a lot. Lisa started rubbing Courtney's tits when Courtney demanded that they 69. Lisa obliged and let Courtney go on top. Courtney was so horny by then that she screamed at the top of her lungs, "EAT ME OUT, YOU FUCKING SLUT! BANG ME ALL NIGHT LONG!" This got Lisa very aroused, so she stuck her tounge up Courtney's pussy fast and hard, knowing that it was so soaking wet that she could drink out of it. Courtney continued in pleasure, almost about to orgasm, " Oh, you whore, HARDER!! FASTER!! OH...OH....OOOOOOOOOH YES, YES YES YES!!!! OH, LISA....LISA, MORE, PLEASE! OH, OH OH OH, OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The more sleepovers Lisa and Courtney had, the more they wanted to eat out.
by another annonymous person June 12, 2009
spread girls legs. lick around her hole, not in it, really gently, then suddenly shove tongue in and tongue fuck her. while doing this, reach up and pinch and rub her nipples til she's moaning. then lick around her clit so she tries to pull away. hold her legs, then lick on her, then suck it, gentle at first then hard to make her moan even louder. repeat until she comes, then clean up her sweet juices.
my best friend Kayla sleeps over all the time and we eat out. mmm mmm good.
by eat me out April 25, 2008

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