making someone feel an intense and painful feeling of revulsion or horror!
"Lemieux...with the wrap....EAT-IT shrayer! Ya, that's right, whip the controller!"
by Biggy March 14, 2003
To make someone eat-it, feel pain
Bagal always eats-it in fantasy football
Campero always eats-it in fantasy hockey
by Master-Bates March 14, 2003
Noun. Making someone "Eat it" is the act of pushing an object (for example, a handful of bark, or a pie.) into their face (aiming for the mouth) while yelling in a high pitched voice "Eaaaaaaat iiiitttt!". This is often practiced when someone may be rambling, or as an act of revenge. Such an act can either be seen as hilarious, or downright immature, depending on the circumstances.

This can also be done as a joke to friends, where the object may not actually touch the face, or very gently. Another variation of eat it is the act of pulling someone's face into one's crotch, while yelling "Eaaaat itt!" though in a very low pitched voice.

Past tense - Ate it.
"John made Jason eat a bit of meat pie on a stick, so Jason opened his pizza rounda and made John eat it."

"I'm gonna make you eat it if you don't shut up."

"EAAAAAT ITT!!! You just ate it. Bad."
by SelfEatIt June 11, 2008
slang term for someone who sucks at something
dammit, that noob eats it at cs
by cs pwnage February 19, 2004
In other words- "work it" or being fierce with it.
The Gospel choir is so good they eat it at every concert.

Lakisha ate that solo in God Blocked It.
by chante May 23, 2006
There are two common definitions.

A. To eat food.

B. To devour ones manhood.
A. This restaurant kicks ass, I can hardly wait for the chicken cordon blue so I can eat it.

B. Hey Mark! Here is a suggestion, why don't you eat it. Actually while you are at that, pound sand!
by The Cash Man July 23, 2003
to eat someones asshole
Man that chemistry teacher really needs to eat it
by Robert Gerko May 02, 2005
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