A word meaning sweet. Australian slang
Guy 1: Sydney won the footy
Guy 2: Oh eats!
by eatsway February 09, 2010
A more subtle way of telling somebody to eat a dick. Used singularly unless intensifying with multiple repetitions.
Guy #1: Yo man, you really suck at Halo.
Guy #2: Eat

Moments Later

Guy #1: Man, seriously. Are you gonna get any kills?
Guy #2: Eat Eat EAT
by TheJizel August 27, 2009
1. getting food, grub or snacks late night or between meals.
Lets gets some eats at Denny's you crosseyed bitches.
by Bud E Love May 05, 2003
Is also what you could call someone if they are proving to show eat arse characteristics, aka an eatsbum..
An eats is derived from the fobbish term EAT-ARSE
you could say about someone who is bein a dick...
"damn whatta eats"
by dangeRISS April 24, 2006
To take a punch or some sort of pain and just saying "I eat those bitch!!"
Some one punches you in the face out of nowhere and you just look at them and say "I fucking eat those!!!
by Tbizzle February 25, 2005
To beat the crap out of... to kill...
"shut up or ill eat you"
by call me dudes September 17, 2004
A definition used to communicate the sensory perceptions of food. Used mainly by po'folks.
"The soup that eats like a meal."-Campbells Chunky Soup ad

"It eats like candy".-A poorly educated person commenting to me on the sweetness of a cantaloupe.
by froze2death February 04, 2005

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