what fat people do.
A:What are you eating?
A:your fat
B:its not my fault food is my best frind.
A:but you are still fat.
B i know.
by ahhaahahahah June 18, 2009
Rochester, NY slang for the girl/boy that you are interested in/"messing around" with.
Yo brah, where you going?
Going to my eats house real quick to get some money.
by AmbiotiousGirl December 25, 2010
Slang from East of London, to mug or attack somebody in a vicious way.
"happened when I was eight, first time i ever got ate...no more eatin' for them now" (Plan B- No More Eating)

"Man, I just got ate by some pikey with a knife"
by CXK August 13, 2006
too be not very good
"that movie was "eats"
"sean is "eats" at cricket
"the new album is "eats"
by begeven March 08, 2009
Losing a fight or taking assault, willing or unwillingly. This term originated in Dallas, Texas.
Kinfolk talkin' down, he finsta EAT!
by DallasDictionary May 31, 2011
To take into the mouth and swallow for nourishment. Or, the very dirty definition.
She wanted to eat what was kept in those pants.
by pastamaniac February 17, 2015
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