phrase for eating pussy.
Dude you got pubic hair in your teeth. You just ate the box!!


Female: if you want me to cook diner tonight you got to eat the box. Mother fucker.

Male: Fuck not again
by b from the bay December 14, 2005
Top Definition
to eat a girl's pussy
damn girl! That nigga look like he can eat the box mad good
by XoX~NeLLe~XoX April 03, 2006
To go down on a female and provide stimulation to her clitoris via the tongue; cunnilingus
Yo, did you eat the box?
by James F. Boone IV December 27, 2004
The act of giving oral sex to a woman .
"Yo I was gone eat the box but she on her period !!"
by M@m@g!rl October 13, 2013
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