as opposed to "smoking someone out", "eating someone out" is when you are broke and someone buys or makes you food.
not to be confused with the eating of vagina. or is it to be confused?
chad bro: dude bro I am so broke from spending all my money on Natties. bro I am so hungry!
mike bro: no problem bro, I'll eat you out.
chad bro: thanks bro, I can't wait to be eat out!
by utensil March 30, 2009
eat out - girl going down on girl when drunk in an attempt for the girl to return the favor.
ex. with fake names

carlton is such a sissy, he eat out alyssa but never got anything in return.
by joeoy dude September 17, 2007
To eat at a restaurant or public place.
Mom, are we going to eat out tonight?
by Kyle May 17, 2003
To pleasure a girl using your tongue (guyz...don't go inside, just go for the's aallll good)
"hey babe, wanna come over and eat your baby girl out tonight?"
by anon. April 02, 2005
You might as well go drink salt and pepper. Then go lick your shower. Freaks.
Caroline was really bored. So she decided to eat out samantha's vagina. She ended up with bathtiles in her mouth.
by hXcMax May 05, 2006

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