take gal to bed take off her clothes,lick her whole body, then dig youre tounge in to her pussy, and kiss her do it for a while then watch her cum.
man! he loves to eat out!!!he rocks on me!!
by bubblegumchick October 16, 2006
what every guy should do. what some guys do in hopes of getting a blowjob. i don't know if that works i mean it doesn't work on me. BLOWJOBS SUCK!!! (PLease pardon the pun:)). eat out girls they like it and don't ask for blowjobs most girls don't like it.
eddie: can i eat you out
tina: sure.:)
20 mins later
eddie: you taste good.
tina: thanks
eddie: now go down on me.
tina: WHAT!!! i don't do that sort of thing.
eddie: YOU DON'T!!!
tina: EW! HELL NO!!!
eddie: oh, well can i eat you out again.
tina: i suppose
and they lived happyly ever after. the moral of this story is guys should go down on girls and girls should enjoy the ride. oh, and blowjobs suck(once again pardon the pun). eat out and you'll get laid.
by caligirll_1101 November 21, 2006
to lick a girl's pussy up and down and all around.
it feels so good for her.
it makes her cum all in her mouth and sometimes her pussy smells and tastes bad, but do it because after that she'll do anything you want because you pleasured her to the max. makeout with her pussy. you can ever bite it a little to tease her.
"Bridget go eat out your girlfriend so she will cum nastily in her mouth."
"I ate my girlfriend out and she liked it so much, she fucked me."
by Brianna Carter December 08, 2008
to lick a girls pussy
i want you to eat me out so fucking bad!
by amber February 26, 2004
to lick a woman's pussyword with your tongue. perform oral sex to a female
aye girl can i eat you out?
by Crazy Mo May 29, 2003
To engage in oral sex with a female.
He gave her a foot massage. Now is it the same as eating her pussy out, no, but it's the same ballpark.
by GuidoPosse69 January 29, 2005
somothing a girl loves when the giver has his/her tongue pierced.
Man, i would like to eat you out and know what you taste like.
by Siphon April 01, 2003

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