eat a dick. usually an insult thrown at someone of lesser intelligence. when said, you are inviting the victim of the insult to partake in the digestion of your genitalia, specifically, the penis.
mary: JOHN, there's something I need to tell you.

john: what is it?

mary: im pregnant.

john: EAT A DICK BITCH!!!!
by SHERLOCK HOLMES 2 August 15, 2010
Usually used as a joke.
1- Hey man, you hungry?
2- Yeah man, I'm fuckin' starving
1- Really? You should go eat a dick.
by dannyisajew September 16, 2003
Eat a Dick, a term either used for a number of reasons.
1. As a joke
2. Towards somebody you dislike
3. Used when you just cbf to listen
1. "URGH Im starving"
"haha eat a dick"
2. "Seriously man, eat a dick you have no friends"
3. "hey man wats goin on?"
"Eat a dick!! thats wats goin on"
by supermajic August 25, 2005
Its virtually the same insult as just saying "Eat a Dick" but there is a different inflection on "Eat" and "Dick". Its said in a way that you hear "EAT" the loudest followed by "a" in a softer, calmer tone then you pause for a millisecond and with your last breath say "DICK" as loud as your last breath can stand.
Dillon: Fuck Ole Miss

Eric: EAT a DICK!
by yourmomlovesmyjohnson09 December 03, 2010
To consume or otherwise place a male genitalia (dick) in ones mouth. A two part insult.
1. Telling someone unliked to put a dick in their mouth
2. Telling someone they are a faggot.
Hey, dumbass... Go eat a dick.
by Flipt3 March 05, 2006
the word is what it means, to literally go eat a dick
"hay how about you go eat a dick, you fuck face"
by WungJu May 08, 2003
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