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(slang) Usually meaning a female is easily aroused by a man's sexual organ i.e penis; Somone who has premature ejackualtion(in another word, someone who cums quickly).

(the way i use it)When a maths question can be easily solved, i always use this word at the end.
e.g 'oh, mannn, this question is soooooooooo EEEAAASY!'

(during a sexual intercourse) someone may say e.g 'oh, aye you are so fucking easy bitch'

(during sexual intercourse) one(usually the female) may say 'oh, easy bush, ease yourself down, calm with all the excitement'
by Jiang Jiang May 14, 2003
8 41
see "I have no fucking clue"
"it's easy. and by easy I mean I have no fucking clue"
by shoe December 19, 2004
9 43
a relaxed or chilled out person. Most likely a nerd other names include Nikhil.
easyy blad
by khalid October 12, 2003
10 44
using easy as the same thing as dawg or nigga
ayo peace easy
by K-Nibble September 13, 2003
10 44
something which is amazing, spectacular, dope
yo that cd is easy
by anonymous August 11, 2003
3 37
used to ask how someone is, wats up wit dem r dey feelin ok
you could jus say the word "easy" n ppl will no wat u mean or lyk "hey u easy" meanin r u gd
by nancy July 08, 2004
17 68