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attractive, pleasant to look at
She may be easy on the eyes but she is totally conceited.
by The Return of Light Joker February 11, 2008
154 71
-Phrase meaning someone or something is good to look at it.
-Not painful to look at because its some-what decent looking and figuratively won't "blind" you if you see it.
-When used towards a person, can be applied to either male or female.
Ex. Some of the celebrities mentioned in People magazine's annual "Sexiest People" lists could also be called easy on the eyes since they're supposedly good-looking.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 24, 2005
303 87
Pleasant to look at
His daughter was easy on the eye but his sister was not much to look at.
by The Return of Light Joker April 03, 2010
15 2