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a way to describe a previous marijuana usage where the smoker was forced to smoke a miniscule amount of bud
i wanted to get all dutched out before school but bob's broke ass only had enough to easy bake
by bill hinrichsen May 01, 2005
6 6
a person who smokes weed or any other kind of drug and gets high really quickly.
that dude just took two puffs and he's high what a fucking easy bake
by sicksacsex November 07, 2006
18 3
Someone who just can't hide their high.
"That bitch Michelle Long is an easy bake!"
by OG Da Homie February 10, 2010
3 2
Really good pot, as in Bakes you Easily.
"Man that is some easybake shit"
by Joe May 23, 2003
3 5
A sweet and loving girl on DE1 who enjoys baking in her oven with her man.
Show me your easybake oven!
by anonymous March 21, 2003
1 7