a way to describe a previous marijuana usage where the smoker was forced to smoke a miniscule amount of bud
i wanted to get all dutched out before school but bob's broke ass only had enough to easy bake
by bill hinrichsen May 01, 2005
Top Definition
a person who smokes weed or any other kind of drug and gets high really quickly.
that dude just took two puffs and he's high what a fucking easy bake
by sicksacsex November 07, 2006
Someone who just can't hide their high.
"That bitch Michelle Long is an easy bake!"
by OG Da Homie February 10, 2010
Really good pot, as in Bakes you Easily.
"Man that is some easybake shit"
by Joe May 23, 2003
A sweet and loving girl on DE1 who enjoys baking in her oven with her man.
Show me your easybake oven!
by Anonymous March 21, 2003
Farting in front of the electric heater/ fire place, causing the gas and smell to fill the entire room. An open room Dutch Oven.
That silent but deadly you let out in front of the heat filed the room with like someone was baking brownies in the Easy Bake Oven
by Billy Bowleegs December 13, 2014
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