The urban name for the city of Elizabeth, N.J.
Soon to be transformed out of ignorance, and birthed into A WHOLE new city, because the POWER of God is going to MOVE and change this place. Jesus is ready to move and save the souls.. .

The place in Jersey that is FINALLY going to see the Light of the Living GOD. Jesus is going to work in the hearts of men and women and boys and girls... no more Drugs, no more Gang violence, or stealing, or prostitution or fornication... It's gonna be ALL about LOVE! The Love of JESUS!

Can a nation be born in a day? YES!
And Jesus is going to light the way! It's time for Love to step in, God is going to guide the way for SALVATION from the coming wrath of GOD.... The TIME for salvation is NOW!

Shmaw Eastwick YAHSHUA Eloheinu YAHSUA ECHAD!

Listen up Eastwick Jesus OUR GOD, Jesus is ONE!
Cuddy: "YO! you heard about Eastwick?"
Cuddy2: "Yea, I heard that Jesus transformed the whole city!
Cuddy: "Girls ain't sleepin around no more..."
Cuddy 2: "Nobody smokes or gets drunk..."
Cuddy: "Word, Jesus changed the hearts and minds of everyone there! Satan ain't got no more power there no more!
Cuddy 2: "There's NOTHING but love for everyone in Eastwick! WOW! It makes me want to stop sinning and just make peace with the LORD of Lord's!
Cuddy: Me too! I want to know the Love of Jesus meng! Let's go repent, turn from our sins and trust in the Lord to save us from the coming wrath that is to come to people who hate God and rebel against him...
Cuddy 2: "WORD!"
by DiscipleofChrist July 14, 2008
Top Definition
nickname for the town of Elizabeth, NJ.
yo cuddy, we gunna hit up eastwick later?
by emo December 07, 2004
Urban name for Elizabeth, NJ. We border with so many towns and cities and we are also connected with Newark. We share airports with Newark and we have our own Port thats going to have a ferry to Newyork.
Yo son we in eastwick now u betta watch ur bak
by Og Dame May 08, 2005
The nickname of Elizabeth, NJ.
Elizabeth aka Eastwick
by Giovanni Torres October 11, 2005
The hood way of saying Elizabeth N.J.

Uptown, Downtown, Midtown, Bayway!
Where U From...? EASTWICK!
by Drew Money April 22, 2006
the ghetto name for Elizabeth N.J also da best city in N.J
We from Eastwick N.J
by dismamistephy April 04, 2005
1 of da most hoodest places in tha' US..niggaz dont believe it but it iz..u dont believe it until u come here..step in downtown (by da port) ya life in danger..sike nah but for real u think ya hood hard come here..big upz to NJ anyway
Us eastwick niggaz would eat ch' food earlyyy!!! my dude
by b iz brayzii August 07, 2005
Ghetto slang for Elizabeth, NJ. One of the worst places in the state (particularly in the port, Broad Street, and surrounding neighborhoods), and filled with wanna-be gang members, illegal immigrants and stupid kids who don't want to learn and just take up space in the schools, while draining tax payer's dollars and causing more crime. They also cannot read or speak proper English (as noted by the constant slang and ebonics that continuously comes out of their mouths).

It is uncertain what will become of these thuggish idiots when they enter the real world (other than picking up a nice drug habit, stealing from each other or from hard working citizens, or watching the world from behind iron bars).

Granted there may be some decent citizens from "Eastwick", but they are far outnumbered and do not refer to Elizabeth by this moniker.
Only ignorant, illiterate morons call Elizabeth "Eastwick".
by You'llNeverKnow December 10, 2007

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