A mall in Harper Woods, MI(suburb NE of Detroit). Opened in the 1950's as a mid to higher end outdoor shopping mall. It was remodelled and turned into an indoor center. The mall currently serves a large African American consumee base which focuses more on clothes, shoes, and fast food outlets. The Mall is on the corner infamous 8 Mile Road and Kelly Road. It has one of the largest theft rates in metro Detroit due to the lower-income clientele. The residents of the ultra-welathy Grosse Pointes (nearby) do not shop there anymore.

Yo, we gettin somme shoes and nachos at Eastland Mall later on.
#malls #detroit #shopping #blacks #white flight
by dermy May 30, 2007
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A once nice mall in East Charlotte, now a GHETTO-fab armpit...The only nice part of the mall now that all the big stores except Belk and Sears have left or been turned into dicount dumps is an ice rink - Which is also the only place in the mall where you will find any white people anymore...Thats if you don't count the cops patrolling the area.
I went to Eastland Mall this Christmas for some shopping, some 5'6" 120lb punk with size 59 pants and a do-rag stabbed me in my lung with an ice-pick and stole my Carolina Panthers Ball Cap
#lost #forgotten #ghetto #bad #abandon
by Mr Ruduck July 28, 2006
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