A little gag included in movies or games, generally contain a funnie picture or something that doesn't fit the age.
In Grant Theft Auto Vice City, there is a big amount of easter eggs, for example, at 20:00 the light of a building light and form the shape of male genitals.
#gag #hidden #games #movies #funny
verb. When a technician of any variety has no idea where the problem really is and tries various solutions hoping to get lucky.
He's clueless, he couldn't troubleshoot a toaster, he's just easter-egging
by Ceph Sitton March 27, 2005
An egg who's yolk has been drained out and replaced with paint. A more destructive version of the common mischief night egging.

Common ways to de-yolk the egg is to, using a pin or needle, create a two small holes, one on the top and one on the bottom of the egg to allow the yolk to flow out.

To be creative you can seal up the two holes using melted wax from a crayon and paint the shell to make it look like a genuine easter egg.
That fuck messed with my girl for the last time, Now easter's coming early and i made him a special EasterEgg!
#egg #easter #egging #tagging #graffitti #paint #mischievous
by Private_Ale December 05, 2007
feces wrapped in toilet paper or some other type of wrapping which is then thrown at an unsuspecting victim.
I easter egged matt while he was in the shower.
#poop #throwing #toilet paper #surprise #egg
by randongulus August 18, 2011
slang for MDMA (Ecstacy). A stress is usually placed on the 'e'.
I'm looking to roll, got some Easter Eggs.
by J November 26, 2003
A party trick performed with the male genitalia, specifically where the testicle(s) are stretched tight against the abdomen to resemble the said object.
"Look at that brilliantly performed Easter Egg. Five stars!!!!"
by Maur Schtupedschit June 22, 2005
An unmarked police car
"Watch out, I think that's an easter egg behind you."
by smithers08 March 27, 2005
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