A terrible, scummy, distgusting so called "television" program that is aired throughout the week on the BBC. Not only are all the cast pitiful chavs that originate from the depths of scummy council estates but also anyone who watches the pile of crap are aswell.

It is a well known fact that 100% of people who watch Eastenders are scummy, dirty low life chavs.

Watching eastenders on a regular basis is a sign that you have no purpose in life and are off lower class.
Steve "Do you seriously watch Eastenders?"
Janet "Yes"
Steve "You dirty, revolting piece of rotten, bleeding meat, you are the epitome of scum"

Bob "I threw up when i found out my girlfriend watched eastenders, i broke up with the fat slag the next day.
by EastendersHater August 15, 2010
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A soap opera which used to be unmissable entertainment, but since about 2001 it has completely lost the plot. All the interesting characters have gone, replaced by people who are either irritating, obnoxious or both. I've lived where there are a lot of real eastenders and they're nothing like the ones in this soap opera. Albert Square is now populated by patronising working-class stereotypes (who are usually criminals, wife-beaters, serial killers etc). Nobody can keep their trousers/skirt on for more than five minutes, and Dirty Den suddenly rising from the grave shows how desperate the series has become, having exhausted all possible storylines years ago. Only continues because soap operas are so cheap to make. Once you've built the sets, you can use them forever, and you only need to go on location for a week twice a year and have a special effect once in a blue moon. And you can use the same storylines over and over. Eastenders always has an extra-depressing storyline at Christmas. Ho-ho-ho to you as well. By the way, Eastenders is now on four times a week, so that's even more padding to enjoy.
To hell with decent plots and characters. What we want in eastenders are headline-grabbing gimmick storylines, no matter how ridiculous they are. Lol! Eastenders was always larger-than-life, but surely there must be some limits.
by Stormsworder January 04, 2007
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EastEnders is a popular BBC television soap opera, first broadcast on 19 February 1985. It has been running ever since, generating strong viewing figures for much of that time, and has been the UK's highest rating programme on numerous occasions.

Despite the strong criticism of the show by critics in 2004 and 2005, EastEnders won the prestigious National Television Award for "most popular Serial Drama" (an award it has won several times in the past ten years) in October 2005, was inducted into the Rose d'Or Hall of Fame in April 2006, and in May 2006 won the BAFTA for "Best Continuing Drama". It also won seven British Soap Awards in May 2006, including the award for "Best British Soap".
by P. redeckis June 02, 2006
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ryming slang for someone who is a 'bender'.
gets its name from the english soap opera show.
'he's a right eastender'

by Dylan Armstrong October 29, 2006
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people from the east
Dude, that fool's an east-ender!
by will January 27, 2005
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