everything positive and good, really cool, really gangsta.
Nutz truck is eastside for real.
by Dipset October 20, 2004
1. The cultural melting pot of the east of England.

2. The cultural melting pot of the east of Bedfordshire.

3. The cultural melting pot of the east of Biggleswade.

4. Urban culture of the East Coast of the USA, As opposed to the westside.
"alrite buh, tha eastside be da best ennit mun!" - Greenfinger
by Ronny St Papps December 28, 2004
almost like west side but not quite there yet
oh your trax bag is so east side
by tiddles! May 06, 2003
The good part of town, where average or wealthy families reside and large businesses thrive.
There is far less crime and poverty on the East side of town compared to the West.
by !!!!tiff July 15, 2005
east side sucks eri fucken east side crew could lick my clitt
fuck east side they think they hard but they aint shit
by ~*~payasa~*~ April 11, 2005

TRSA Motherfucker!
East siders are all pussies. Fuck east side. TRSA!!!!!!!!!!
by JOESITO September 06, 2004
We put a line on our maps to define east and west, but in reality everyone can be the east side to your location or the west... But i guess we usually mean by east as the 'primitive' side or undeveloped... so you find impulsive a priori norms, rather than sophisticated decisions.
"I am warning you, don't mess with my east side or you will get it all wrong!!!!"
by Jesyca May 29, 2016
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