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1.) Otherwise known as "E.O." or illtown.

2.) One of the most dangerous towns in New Jersey ... East Orange is in Essex County.

3.) East Orange is the hometown tof celebrities such as Whitney Houston, Naughty By Nature, 151 Feva Gang, Chino XL, Naturi from the group 3LW, and many others.

4.) East Orange borders Newark(Brick City), Orange (Citrus City), Bloomfield, Montclair, South Orange, and West Orange.
by JerseyFlygurl June 06, 2007
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Like many of the "Rust Belt" cities that went to hell in a hand-basket, it was once a beautiful and wealthy town, now a shell of its former glory and the most depressing place on the planet. Home of slums, vacant, burned-out buildings and crime.
I grew up in East Orange, and man was I glad when we moved out.
by Archangel the Stylish August 12, 2008
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