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A vastly lilly white town on longisland. Its predominantly Money and is devided into 6 parts. Country Village, Great River, North-Great River, Deer Run, The Moorings and Percy Williams all make up East Islip.
A town set on the bay, it seems almost everyone owns a boat or has part of the ocean as their back yards.
Its almost always a quiet town, which leads to you never actually having any privacy.
Social standing is extemely well reguarded among the younger generation. They have their cliques that seem to never change. An example of this, is that of The Teenage Millionaires and The Mean 15
People who reside in East Islip, are accused of being Snobs
Man: I was driving through East Islip and the cops pulled me over.
Friend: why?
Man: because I wasent driving a luxary car, and that was suspicious.

by Keith1875 April 03, 2006