Actually the best town in Rhode Island, the richest, and smartest. Full of wealthy,hard-working people such as many doctors, lawyers, celebrities, and professional athletes(also home of the Governor) who live in some of the nicest houses in RI. Being the richest town in Rhode Island is not a bad thing, just badly stereotyped by people that are jealous. In EG, the "townies" act all poor and ghetto, but they really aren't. They just happen to be not as rich as most EG people. East Greenwich High School has the top test scores in RI year after year, and is repeatedly named the best HS in RI. Even though EGHS is small, the EG Avengers compete well in RI in every sport, against schools of all sizes. Barrington and NK are EG wanna-be's. EG is really not elitist or snobby, everyone just says it is so they complain/be jealous, like people from North Kingstown and Coventry.

There are 2 types of Rhode Islanders: Those who live in East Greenwich, and those who wish they lived in East Greenwich
NK kid: Where are you from?
EG kid: East Greenwich
NK: Rich snobby bastard.
EG: Someone's jealous...don't you have some weed to be smoking?
by Go Avengers July 18, 2006
shitty town where theres nothing to do but get laid, drunk, and high. kids are brats and think thery're hardcore. wiggerssssss

east greenwich kids will kill you.
east greenwich is where the rich kids live.?
by the kids March 21, 2006
A fucked up town that ruined my life and makes me want to kill myself.
Betsy killed herself because she lived in East Greenwich.
by oh boy October 04, 2005

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