Land of compact, cultured urban centers like New York and Boston that make the most use of land and sprawl the least; seasons; a region with the lowest crime rate in the country (Northeast) and a region with the highest rate (Southeast); and many areas of enduring scenic splendor. The West Coast is nice, but can't compare.
The East Coast, though slow growing, still attracts international immigrants and people from other states in droves.

On the West Coast, immigration is the only reason that California's population increases; while Californians leaving California are the only reason that Oregon and Washington's populations increase.

The Elf doesn't know what he's talking about.
by Teh truth will ownz j00 January 08, 2006
The states on or near the Atlantic ocean. The most educated part of the United states, with the Ivy League schools throughout the Northeast, and several high ranking private Univeersities in the Southeast, like Duke and Clemson. Way better than the West Coast, because it is much more down to Earth and much more populated. Also, the east coast beaches are contraty to popular beleif, much better than the cold, smelly, crappy sanded, west coast beaches.
The East Coast get's a bad rap, yet is the best and biggest part of the country.
by dammitismyword June 11, 2005
The only part of the United States that really matters. The East Coast, Maine through Virginia, is home to America's largest city and the global financial capital...New York, or "the city" since all the rest pale in comparison. The East is home to other important cities such as Washington DC (wait, isn't that the capital?), Boston (wait, isn't that our smartest city?), and Philadelphia (wait, isn't where America was born?). The East Coast has the country's finest resort areas at its various islands and shores (Maine, the Cape, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Long Island, the Jersey Shore, and Delaware Coast) and mountain areas (Poconos, Berkshires, Catskills). The East Coast also has the best food (everyone else THINKS they know pizza, subs, and bagels). The East is home to our best colleges (ever realize all of the Ivy League schools are in the East?), public transportation that makes the rest of the country look like sub-Saharan Africa and, we have class. Apparently the rest of the country forgot what it meant to get dressed it isn't your "nice" jeans. We still know that you are supposed to wear belts AT ALL TIMES, not supposed to show underwear and when someone is talking to you..keep eye contact.
Sure East Coast people are skimpy on the "politeness" but at least we are honest. We won't smile and laugh just to be agreeable...we will form our own opinions and make them known. In sum, remember, it is called the Eastern Standard for a reason.
West Coast person: The East is cold, smelly, and everyone is mean.

East Coast person: F*ck you. Try to get an education in Oregon or Nevada or California or wherever you are from and then come talk to me. Oh yeah.....your food is nasty, Hollister is nasty and try to remember the pants next time you are supposed to dress up. What's with your obsession with blue jeans and flip flops (with socks by the way)? Ever heard of shoes? Oh, they are called sneakers in case you were wondering, unless you are planning to play tennis.
by NJShore kid November 15, 2010
Contrary to the uninformed beliefs of The Elf, the East Coast states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont actually have the LOWEST obesity rates of any state in the country, while California's is one of the highest.
East Coast > West Coast

Q: What's the difference between Los Angeles and yogurt?
A: Yogurt has an active culture.
by west side is worst side January 10, 2006
the best =) East coast is all the states on the right side of the country. They live closer to the Atlantic Ocean than the Pacific
I live on the East Coast because I'm from Florida
where the originality is, the fine women wit fat asses r(not fat ass women), where the REAL coke bottle shaped girls r instead of FAKE bodies wit fake tans on the west coast, fine men, where the most diversity is (u get the southern country ppl, the hood ppl, the rich ppl, the islanders, the foreigners, etc) the highest and lowest crime rates, highest and lowest educations, good but crazy road rage drivers (lol), where hip hop/and rap started and west coast imitated, REAL gangstas, where the dope game and drugs started (but we so smart we lowered our crime by organized crime instead of west coast who get caught). We brought the drugs and yall took them and made crackheads all over. Definiton of a true gangsta is doin ya sh** and not gettin caught, just b/c u have hi crime rates in places such as oakland dont mean u true gangstas, just mean u dont know how to handle ya sh**. Oh and the ppl over here will fight u one on one, not jump u or get scared to fight when they alone. And contrary to belief the beaches r nice and filled with the finest ppl. The East Coast is the biggest part of the country when the the West coast only has Cali. And the only good part of Cali is the South. The weather is bad in the North and the "gangstas" are scarey when alone. Basically the East Coast has had such an influence in every aspect on the other coast that copies it.
West Coast: we real on the west side...

East Coast: Oh really, than why do u imitate everything from the east coast, such as hip hop/rap or the dope game? Or why do u get surgery for everything?
by jungleeyez369 May 30, 2009
The side of the country with much better dope, where the majority of males in the country are not gay, where people actually know what a dutch is, where nobody is a wannabe surfer poser that listens to Green Day and cries because he's pussywhipped and just got dumped like a little bitch, and where if you roll up like a bitch from Malibu or some other gay ass California city that claims to be hood your bound to get smacked and left dead in the hudson with concrete stuck on your ankles.
West Coast: What is this?
East Coast: "Bitch Smack" its a blunt bitch, give me all your weed before I kick your ass punk.
West Coast: Mommy, my gay little poser tattoos aren't scaring this guy.
by Rick E. Ricardo June 18, 2009
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