Made up of 14 states in the Union, the residents of the East Coast often seem to consider themselves, their states, their institutions, their history, their traditions and their beliefs superior to all others in the US. It is typical to hear an east-coaster speak derogatively about the people in the west, or the middle of the country. They often make an obvious point about how superior they believe themselves to be, in sophistication and in values.

However, what this < third of the country fails it realize is that their attitudes about themselves are entirely provincial. No one outside the east coast cares about their self-perceived superiority of which they constantly feel the need to remind everyone (particularly themselves).

Furthermore, is the east coast producing much real value for this country? Law, politics, and finance are their specialty industries. (HQ'd in NY, Wall Street, and Washington D.C.) Three sectors that have produced wonderful benefits for society.

The West Coast on the other hand is the home of places like Silicon Valley, from which a plethora of beneficial technologies, including the internet, emerged.

So while the east coast continues to produce most of the nation's lawyers, bankers, and politicians, while reminding themselves and everyone else of their superiority over the rest of the nation, the west coast enjoys both far more sunshine as well as the production of actual inventions of value that improve the well being of people everywhere.
East Coast resident: Where did you attend school?

Out west.

East Coast resident: There are universities outside of New England?
by Boston Ramen April 26, 2013
The eastern half of the country that needs to be disinfected. Spray this land with some bleach and scrub it down! BLEH! Not even in comparison to the west coast, the east coast is overpopulated, filthy, smelly, and packed to the brim with some of the most unpleasant and unfriendly people you will ever meet. It holds no natural beauty, unless you count brown water beaches and the Appalachian "mountains", which are really just large hills. The East Coast is home to such swamps as D.C, NYC, and Philadelphia. These cities are the largest havens for crack addicts and bums. The east coast has contributed historically to America but that's it. It gives the rest of America a bad name.
Tourist: "excuse me, could you tell me the time?"


Tourist: I'm going to California for vacation next summer!
by JukeJointJezebel April 23, 2008
East coast is populated with the most fake, ignorant , overweight , redneck/hillbilly people, at least in the hip-hop community. Motha fuckas think they shit dont stink , come to cali and get yo ho card pulled. Poeple go about they daily lives tryin to be somethin they aint and fools like Nas , 50 promote that shit. Fools wearin every color of the damn rainbow haha ,trickin for dem hoes and dont get me started on the stuck up ass bitches, them NY bitches lookin like FANTASIA ON CRACK these days. So go ahead buy dat pussy and smoke that stress we aint mad at cha.
Fools wearin dickies wit tims get they ass whooped and the shit look stupid anyway stick to yall fubu and punkass sean john east coast. Killa Cali said it C's up
by 5150187 January 14, 2008
the place where erryone is a fougaisy
ima bus a cap in that east coast rappa candy ass
by Jay-C May 07, 2004
where da bitches live only one cool man been born their and he moved to the west side the best side (tupac)
fuck nyc all bout the west coast where we where the baby blue yea thats right fuck red and fuck u to bitch
by lostone March 08, 2005
Where all fake ass,ugly ass hoes,broke ass,lil biatchez live!
(WEST COAST)home of da pimpz,playaz,hustlas,gang bangerz,fine ass bitchez,sur 13,best chronic smoke,and dat SiccMade Motherfucker (Brotha Lynch Hung)
East Coast Lame:"damn yo...dem westcoast mobberz have everything money,hoes,and da best chronic...and all we have is bitchez wit missing teeth,stress,our borrowed gunz,and these 50 cents in my pocket!"
by Locc 2 D4 Brain October 03, 2005
The culturally confused and mentally challenged eastern half of the US, which is populated by stuck up rich New Englanders, inbred backwards Southern rednecks, Euro-Trash rejects, corrupt politics, outdated rivalry, and the largest concentration of fat assed Americans. Physically, culturally, technologically, and socially inferior to the mighty West Coast. Also home to sewers like New York, Boston, Philidelphia, Washington D.C., Miami, and Charlston.
It would be good fortune for the United States if a massive tsunami came along and wiped out the entire East Coast, as the death toll would lower our obesity rates and make America smell better.
by The Elf December 18, 2005

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