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Guys n Gals born right after the last warmer moons in autumn. Piss them off and they'll knock nock the frost off your assmear when winter comes. That's the only time they will have your back. They're up for gain and are very attracted to thier parents whom always get to cloth them and keep huge eyes out for them. They love burgers, white flowers, streams and swimming. For some reason they can group in twos and like it that way when they want to play game. They would rather be warm than cold any day. The don't really like gifts but gift giving, as they just want to feel warmth in their heart, they desire true complexion, great words of the mind, and crave fruits of passion. They are respected for their dignity and honest pleasures rather than bickering they hate the cold.
I'm a east side Sagittarius here my Raaa brrr it's cold.

East side Sagittarius probably google more than anyone.
by googleadear December 14, 2009
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