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A town located in South Eastern Connecticut. It is mainly made up of water. The town isn't extremely wealthy, but it's not hurting financially either. Many of the children there are either on the preppy side, or a hippie ( both cliques are wannabes.) Many people here love the beach, and often decorate their homes with beach decor. It's not a completlely horrid place to live, although every one complains how boring it is. Well kids, it's not Kansas, lighten up!
"See that girl smoking that joint, with the Abercrombie clothes on the beach. She must be from East Lyme!"
by Kay; April 26, 2009
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Small town in southeastern connecticut. It is one of the wealthier towns in New London county, and many people who work in the area choose to raise families there as the school system is regarded very highly in the state. East Lyme was voted in the top 300 small towns in the US. It's home to the quaint village of Niantic which attracts many people to buy summer homes there because of the beautiful beaches.

The people here are proud of their town. The High School has fairly successful sports teams, and there's a lot of viking pride. Overall East Lyme is a great place to live.
Kid: My dad works at phizer and my mom works at Electric Boat
Other Kid: Oh you must live in East Lyme
by rantidjub January 21, 2012
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