Made up of 14 states in the Union, the residents of the East Coast often seem to consider themselves, their states, their institutions, their history, their traditions and their beliefs superior to all others in the US. It is typical to hear an east-coaster speak derogatively about the people in the west, or the middle of the country. They often make an obvious point about how superior they believe themselves to be, in sophistication and in values.

However, what this < third of the country fails it realize is that their attitudes about themselves are entirely provincial. No one outside the east coast cares about their self-perceived superiority of which they constantly feel the need to remind everyone (particularly themselves).

Furthermore, is the east coast producing much real value for this country? Law, politics, and finance are their specialty industries. (HQ'd in NY, Wall Street, and Washington D.C.) Three sectors that have produced wonderful benefits for society.

The West Coast on the other hand is the home of places like Silicon Valley, from which a plethora of beneficial technologies, including the internet, emerged.

So while the east coast continues to produce most of the nation's lawyers, bankers, and politicians, while reminding themselves and everyone else of their superiority over the rest of the nation, the west coast enjoys both far more sunshine as well as the production of actual inventions of value that improve the well being of people everywhere.
East Coast resident: Where did you attend school?

Out west.

East Coast resident: There are universities outside of New England?
by Boston Ramen April 26, 2013
In reference to the Eastern 16 or so states in the United States.

The following are definitely in this group: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, {Washington D.C}, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida.

The New England states (ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI) are well known for having fairly high population densities (on average), their lobster, and the lovely season of Autumn.

The Tri-States (PA, NY, NJ) basically aren't really the same at all. PA has a low PD and is known for their redneckedness sometimes. However they have a ton of American history there. NY is known for the one city in the most southern point of the state, New York. New Jersey has the highest PD and is made fun of for being a place you don't really want to grow up in, but probably had to if you did.

The Capital Area (MD, DE, Wash.D.C) are well known for either being the capital or being close to it.

The Southern States (VA, NC, SC, GA, FL) are also more often than not made fun of their redneckedness (minus FL, they are borderling Cajun there). Moonshine, Peaches, and Disney World provide the structure for the economy over yonder.
Person: So where do you live?
Other Person: I live on the East-Coast.
Person: oh.
by Popemeisterjosh September 20, 2008
The smartest side of America, containing ALL of the Ivy league schools, home of the REAL gangstas, so west coasters back the fuck off. Also, we don't mind the occasional 'fuck you', because we aren't pussies and take it lightly. We don't GIVE A DAMN whether or not you're super tan or are an anorexic whore. East coasters are cold and unforgiving, but wait-aren't gangsters? East coasters often walk faster than west coasters. Try putting a WC in front of the EC, and they'll get their genitals torn out.
A West Coaster will stab you in the back.
An East Coaster will punch you in the face.
by east-coast-go-RAWR! February 27, 2011
It is NOT the entire stretch of the United States East Coast. It is the east coast that stretches between Boston and D.C. If you live in western Florida, you do not live in the east coast. If you live in N/S Carolina, you do not live in the east coast. It is the most superior and educated part of the country. It is the wealthiest and the most liberal all at the same time. It is where this country was founded and has so much more going for it than the west coast.
Guy from Florida: Where are you from?
Guy from Greenwich: the east coast
Guy from Florida: Oh me too.
Guy from Greenwich: really..where? boston, philly, nyc, d.c.?
Guy from Florida; NO, florida
Guy from Greenwich: ahhahaa...east coast my ass.
by aaron ryur October 22, 2005
Drinking the good ol' white stuff out with a straw
by Ordinary Guy October 31, 2003
The oppisite of West Coast
"Yo, Vyshonne! Dem niggaz in da red shirtz be from da EAST COAST! Ima bus a cap in therre ass!
by JACK BAUER June 27, 2003
The worst part of America (after the West Coast), full of criminals and people who think their shit doesn't stink. No one is friendly, everyone talks shit about hard-working people because they, as people from the East Coast, think they are above anything involving hard work.
I lived in New York and then Boston for 12 years, and I'm never going back to the East Coast.
by IamRaptorJesus June 30, 2010
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