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It's true, the east coast is pretty beast. Awesome cities, NYC, Boston, Philly, ATL, Miami etc. Great food, Italian, Chinese, Cuban, French, etc. The west coast only has one good state, California is cool, but Oregon and Washington? Pretty lame. Plus east coast is the original America. We strech from Maine to Florida, we beastttt at everything including sports. NY Giants Superbowl champions 0'8. NY Yankees pretty beast, and ATL Braves are awesome too. So you can have your one good state while we have like 13
West Coaster: West coast is like the best coast =]!

Me: Might as well call it the California Coast, no body gives a fuck about Oregon or Washington, the only thing that california has that we don't is good weather year round, so yea EAST COAST IS THE BEAST COAST
by Jersey Kid April 06, 2008
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