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A pretty chill place In Massachusetts where 9 year olds swear like sailors. Black and milds are pretty popular there. Get somebody who looks 18 to go to staches and get you a pack. The galaria is there and its a good place to shop. Some chill kids from a school in west roxbury hang there.
Charlie: Yo Sarah, you coming to east cambridge this weekend?

Me: No doubt

Kairon: Yeh I'll be there too
by Sheebes April 30, 2008
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East Cambridge a part of Cambridge, MA 5 or 6 blocks big, mostly white very few blacks live there (they get jumped). NO YUPPIES are around and if they are around the kids either dont wanna get arrested or they just dont feel like jumpin there ass. Where the drug problem is huge easy to get heroin or coke your choice. Also alot of guns are around, where it isnt safe to park your car at night (many car break ins) And finally where the Cambridge Galleria is located. If anyone feels like gettn robbed and held up by junkies or homeless people please go at night
Mike: Johnny where you from?
Johnny: Im from East Cambridge.
Mike: I heard its tough over there
Johnny: I guess it is unless ur a junkie

East Cambridge the toughest hood in Cambridge!!!!
by Crimebridge December 24, 2007

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