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A now defunct p2p application that contained a questionable command to delete files on the users computer and coupled with the forum administrators consistent lies and over exaggerations lead to it's quick demise. This application had great potential as an anonymous p2p client, but was rejected by the p2p community for it's lack of documentation (closed source) and the trolling efforts of a few members of their forums.
Earthstation 5 is no longer being worked on, has no users, no network and had questionable ties to Russian mobsters.
by Viv June 08, 2005
P2P application which promotes itself as having the ability to hide the users ip address to avoid being tracked. Uses SSL and anonymous proxies to relay uploads so receiver does not know where file is coming from. Abbreviation, es5.
If you want to avoid getting sued, use earthstation5.

He got sued using Kazaa, he should have been using earthstation5.
by adam wilson July 05, 2004
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