A spontaneous reaction to absolutely nothing which involves one individual of the group declaring the act and the other members acknowledging the declaration by flailing themselves at nearby walls while yelling 'earthquake party,' along with sounds that compliment the smashing of one's body into walls as if an earthquake were occurring.
Dude, I think it's time for an "EARTHQUAKE PARTY!!!!!!"
earthquake (smash, bang, crah) party (slwap, oof, DUDE!) yeah!!!!!!!
by Kelley October 07, 2002
Top Definition
A sketch on the comedy show "The Upright Citizens Brigade" in which a group of investigators attempt to interrogate a woman suspected of attending a recent "earthquake party" In the sketch, an "earthquake party" is one in which people either pretend that there is an earthquake going on, or they actually attempt to start an earthquake. Appears on Episode #308, the "small town show"
A quiet small town deals with earthquake parties, dolphin aliens and Armageddon.
by Wheelinshirt April 03, 2005
a party where things are getting really bad
I think we need to leave, it's become an earthquake party.
by Ann March 21, 2004
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