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A creature bound to the earth who realizes earth will always be home although its forced to live with religeons, politicians and overall clueless people to the final objective of the life force making it almost impossible to breathe. Cant we all just behave? I mean come on.......
by zafod beeblebrox May 15, 2003
45 17
Look at those earthlings, if I was a lesbian, I'd be the biggest slut this worlds ever seen
by Jesse123456 March 18, 2007
63 51
Its what Ville Valo always speak
Greetings O Earthlings...take care, sweethearts
by theteh February 07, 2004
12 8
description used by pilots and cabin crew who work in the airline industry to describe those who work in a job which doesn't involve flying.
I met my wife in New York. She's a nice chick for an earthling.
by Tex1 November 08, 2007
9 7