A no brained human being who has yet to realize that they have landed on earth. They continually breeze in and out of consciousness. They are zoned out 99.9 percent of the time they are on earth. They don’t speak English or any other language for that matter because they are always lost in their own world commonly known as “The Landon World”.
A living dead person. "My god, Earthto been stuck in that corner all week"
by Shannon Hutter April 19, 2008
Top Definition
calling someone to give them a reality slap
ugh i cant stand hansel
i know right riding in on that scooter like hes so cool
and the way he does his hair i mean ex-squeeze me but has he ever heard of styling gel?
im sure hansels heard of styling gel hes a male model
ugh earth to brent i was making a joke...
as heard in zoolander
by Sara October 23, 2004
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