The only planet in the solar system known to have intelligent life. Unfortunately for humans, we aint it. The MICE are smarter than us!
Read the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy for more information. MICE RULE!
by KING J(mandude) April 30, 2005
a shity little planet thats doomed to die because we have fucking trashed it. oh and it's all gods fault on the frigin 6th day the earth was created.
read genesis in the bibal and change the 7th day to and then he realised his mistake and buggar was the word
by julian zulli April 30, 2005
a place infested with humans. taking the galaxy, and the entire universe into account, it is NOTHING MORE than a piece of space-dust. the creatures inhabiting it all seem to get along just fin with each other... except for the humans. they think its an EXTREMELY important place, but thats just it: they DONT think!
person1: been to earth lately?

person2: nope!

person1: lucky bastard...
by 'nuff said April 30, 2004
don't be talkin shit bout my earth.
by bmin June 05, 2003
The third planet in the Sol system, Earth is a Class-M planet with an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. It is the only planet we know of that is inhabited by sentient lifeforms. The main species is homo sapiens, not because they have the largest numbers, but because they are the most technologically advanced. If we manage to develop faster-than-light spacecraft, we will eventually rule the galaxy.
Alien 1: Oh crap, here comes a Earther!
Alien 2: Run for your life!
Human 1: Hahahaha! *gunfire*
by Disillusioned Hippie September 24, 2005
A homeboy's mother.

This term is highly popular in rap music and indecipherable Ebonics. Sorry for being redundant.
Young City's ole' earf be stressin' like a muhfucka when he don't be smoothin' out da plastic on da couch, son.
by Jeff January 13, 2005
Also known as the USA.
by armageddon July 31, 2003

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