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Location of Emperor of Man and Imperial halls. Also called Holy Terra. Generally considered to be an impenetrable fortress.
The Earth has hundreds of thousands of space marines
4 11
don't be talkin shit bout my earth.
by bmin June 05, 2003
18 25
A place full of people who think that their planet is a sack of shit and feel the need to constantly be pussies and insult it. Once a hundred of these people meet on the internets, and piss off the Christians, god will descend from on high, deliver and almighty Deity-bitch-smack, and a kick in the balls/punch in the ovaries, then return to heaven.
So said the idiots:
"Earth is a sack of shit."
And god did descend from on high, and delivered a great bitch-slap to their idiot faces. And to the male doubters he did deliver a bone-shattering kick to their genitalea. And unto the genitalea of the female doubters, he did deliver a brick-breaking punch.
And god did say to the doubters:
"Let this be a lesson to thee."
And then he ascended back to the heavens, but looked around, before he dissapeared, and did say:
"Punk-ass bitches."
by Trek August 25, 2006
12 20
The third planet in the Sol system, Earth is a Class-M planet with an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. It is the only planet we know of that is inhabited by sentient lifeforms. The main species is homo sapiens, not because they have the largest numbers, but because they are the most technologically advanced. If we manage to develop faster-than-light spacecraft, we will eventually rule the galaxy.
Alien 1: Oh crap, here comes a Earther!
Alien 2: Run for your life!
Human 1: Hahahaha! *gunfire*
by Disillusioned Hippie September 24, 2005
9 18
A homeboy's mother.

This term is highly popular in rap music and indecipherable Ebonics. Sorry for being redundant.
Young City's ole' earf be stressin' like a muhfucka when he don't be smoothin' out da plastic on da couch, son.
by Jeff January 13, 2005
14 23
a slang for marijuana, aka: pot
Hey man, lets go smoke up some earth
by Eric Jaeger February 17, 2004
12 21