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The act of waking up a guy early in the morning by going down on him--preferably involves tugging on the penis with the mouth, as in "the early bird gets the worm."
Girl, my man never had it so good. Just this morning I early bird special-ed him before the alarm went off!!
by eightycarrots October 29, 2007
When an older gentleman goes down on his female companion without his dentures.
Gabriel's bruxism never gets in the way of a good early bird special. He just takes out his teeth and goes to town.
by Emilizzo December 25, 2009
When you jizz on someones face to wake them up
Dude, i gave my girlfriend an early bird special yesterday!
by Masty Bate January 08, 2010
take a couple twizzlers, use them to vaginally pleasure your woman, eat them, then vomit them back up on her chest to which you then use as lube to titty fuck her til orgasm
After the movies I decided to give Susie an early bird special using the leftover candy we had
by Aric & JenJen January 07, 2008
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