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1.An early teen prude or simply pre-prude is someone in their very young teens who is extremly horny and badly wants to do somthing sexual. Unfortunantly the people their own age are being fucked by seniors in high school and wouldn't want to hook up with some pimpled face still going through puberty prude. Anyone younger is still reading holes and subscribes to sports illustrated for kids.
2.A desperate 12 or 13 or even 14 or 15 year old who would love to hook up but no one will make out with them simply because they are "grose".
I feel so bad for that pre-prude no one will go out with him.

Yea hes a really nice guy but hes so pre-prude and his mouth is so sloppy I would never hook up with him.
by I hate most of Rowayton August 16, 2005
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