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1. a person who wakes up early

2. a person who arrives early
I am an early bird, but I do sleep in on weekends.
by Light Joker May 16, 2005
The ultimate way to start an all-day binge. Refers to being up and drunk within 4-6 AM and staying up for the entire day (until you would normally go to bed on a drinking day, sometimes taking you to 24 hours). Make sure you have atleast 1 great drinking ally or several drinking buddies for this veritable marathon of booze. Its lesser relatives are the 'Rise and Souse' and the 'AM attack'
You: I had a killer Saturday, it was a bonafide Early Bird. 24 hours of heavy drinking insanity.

Well-Informed Cockney Englishman: Remarkable! Nothin like getting shined to the tits, eh? Right proper job mate, you flunk your booze like a reg'lar champine.

You: Right on.
by GregTheDrinker August 28, 2008
The greatest tiny restaurant on the face of the earth near willow brook mall on pompton avenue, located in New Je rsey.
Guy 1- Hey do you wanna go to EarlyBirds?

Guy 2- Sure i'll go that place is the shit.
by shoopdawoop May 25, 2008
An early bird is a term that refers to a guy that is easily aroused, cums too early, and lasts a short period of time.
"He was an early bird! I just started and he came all over me!"
by dickpleaser <3 May 20, 2010
When your penis pops out of your pants/underwear.
Guy 1: "Ew dude whats that"
Guy 2: "Sorry dude, I have an Early Bird"
by sumguyk24 September 12, 2011
One who ejaculates early during sex.
Daughter:Early bird.
Daughter:You came too soon!
by puppethead December 19, 2005
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