A tingling down the spine, when hearing a climax of a noise/sound.
Get chill or goosebumps hearing something good.
Girl 1: I got eargasms when i heard Beyonce sing Ave Maria
Girls 2: No kidding
by Tobenoist May 07, 2013
an Eargasm is the feeling you get in your ears while hearing an amazing song or your favorite band.
For Example....
Dude, listen to this new song, it gave me eargasms!
by LogantL4 June 16, 2010
Usally a song or something else you hear that you just love and get over exicited/passionate about
Darragh :have you heard paramore's new album???
Jake: yes I have a total eargasm when I hear "playing god" (pause)wait just give me a moment...ok
by It's me JC October 15, 2009
John Frusciante's guitar playing.
If you listen to John Frusciante play guitar, you will have an eargasm
by neanngis September 21, 2009
When you listen to a sound so good it is like an orgasm for your ears.
Listening to The Invisible Wall or My Devil On The Bed by the GazettE causes eargasm.
by Konata D. Kirkland July 28, 2012
The euphoric feeling of cleaning ones ears with a q-tip.
"Dude I had the greatest Eargasm last night!!"

"what the heck is that?"

"What?? Haven't you ever had that euphoric feeling of cleaning your ears with a q-tip?"

"Oh yeah ;)"
by BB-Guitar August 23, 2011
The sensation you get when you hear a really good song.
Person 1: Did you hear that new song thats number 1 in the charts?

Person 2: Yeah, it gave me an eargasm!
by samrichardson12345 April 25, 2011
/n/ an intense sexual pleasure that occurs when you hear some GREAT music, such as your favorite band on the radio or your iPod__sometimes occurs while high on marijuana or acid tripping
Patrick would always have a massive eargasm anytime he heard his favorite band Alkaline Trio through his earphones while he was high on marijuana.
by Ke&ha...oops wrong sign. <--*$ March 30, 2011

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