A tingling down the spine, when hearing a climax of a noise/sound.
Get chill or goosebumps hearing something good.
Girl 1: I got eargasms when i heard Beyonce sing Ave Maria
Girls 2: No kidding
by Tobenoist May 07, 2013
when one years a certain sound (generally music) that is so pleasing to the ear it causes the listener to experience a sexual-like sensation.
I was listening to the breakdown in "Brace Legs" by Born of Osiris... i had an eargasm.
by inspironb120 July 09, 2009
The way the sound waves of whatever your listening to hugs your eardrum.
ey man this song is giving me an eargasm.
by chaarulez April 08, 2009
music that makes you feel amazing in so many ways or has an 'I need more!' factor
boy: ohhhh, ahhhhh, this music is the bestt!
girl: you're having an eargasm
by scer March 08, 2008
Definition - After hearing an amazing song, you fill that you have, indeed, climaxed through the organ of hearing.
Ex: Zac - Brand New is one of those bands that you HAVE to have in your life, in order to live.
Taylor - haha, i think i've listened to one or two of their songs before.
Zac - they probably caused an ear orgasm.
Zac - eargasm
by zacsexypants18 February 28, 2011
Eargasm is a the sensation that people get when listening to a really nice tune, especially those whose beats go higher and higher...

This term is derided from Orgasm.
<Admin>: im bored...
<rodm3d>: listen to this: Binary Finary & Trent McDermott - Freedom Seekers (Arctic Moon Remix)

>Admin is AFK

*6 minutes later*

<Admin>: shit
<rodm3d>: what's wrong?
<Admin>: I got an eargasm at 1:45 I can't take it any longer!
<rodm3d>: good. now give me admin rights.
by R0DR1G0 February 19, 2011
The action that takes place inside one's ears/ear when a sound or combination of sounds(music, or other eardrum companions) enters your ears/ear and is so amazing that you feel as though your ears just Cam and need a cigarette before they go back for round two.
Bob, did you hear that new Bassnectar beat?

Yes Joe, I did. I Eargasmed 4.5 times, but then my ipod died.
by Andromeda Sagan November 03, 2010
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