A tingling down the spine, when hearing a climax of a noise/sound.
Get chill or goosebumps hearing something good.
Girl 1: I got eargasms when i heard Beyonce sing Ave Maria
Girls 2: No kidding
by Tobenoist May 07, 2013
The wonderful sensation an individual will feel in his/her ears when listening to great music.
I had a huge eargasm when listening to Metallica's S&M album.
by pigeonmaster5 April 01, 2011
noun. The awesome sensation felt when listening to REALLY good music with REALLY nice headphones.
"Broseph, I was listening to "Stop the Dams" by Gorrillaz on my beats pro yesterday, it was (or "I had") an epic eargasm.
by ItsBurritoMonkey January 23, 2012
EAR·gasm (E-r-gzm) n.

1. The peak of MUSICAL! excitement, characterized by strong feelings of pleasure and by a series of involuntary contractions of the muscles of ears.

2. A similar point of intensity of emotional or musical excitement of the ears. <(o_0)>
wow!..this house/electro music is giving me an eargasm

this music is so eragasmic!
by stephdan August 23, 2010
A liquid produced after listening to something very pleasing to you.
That new song from East Torino made me bust out so much eargasmic fluid yesterday! So much in fact, that both of my shoulders were completely soaked!
by Donavan Dutra April 27, 2010
The great feeling that you experience when you scratch inside your ear with a q-tip or a car key.
Oh boy! I've got a lump of wax in my ear. EARGASM!!!
by Blorvis Paerntz October 27, 2009
The feeling of chills received when listening to a song.
"Dude, did you hear that song by A Skylit Drive?"
"Yeah man. It's a total eargasm!"
by Rambo247x September 23, 2009
when one years a certain sound (generally music) that is so pleasing to the ear it causes the listener to experience a sexual-like sensation.
I was listening to the breakdown in "Brace Legs" by Born of Osiris... i had an eargasm.
by inspironb120 July 09, 2009

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