A tingling down the spine, when hearing a climax of a noise/sound.
Get chill or goosebumps hearing something good.
Girl 1: I got eargasms when i heard Beyonce sing Ave Maria
Girls 2: No kidding
by Tobenoist May 07, 2013
The ecstatic sensation one experiences while cleaning one's ears deeply with a Q-tip.
A: "You really seem to enjoy cleaning your ears."

B: "Shhhh! I'm having an eargasm."
by Brian the Bostonian April 11, 2007
As the name suggests, an orgasm for your ears. Commonly occurs when highly awesome music is played through highly awesome headphones or speakers.
Dude, I totally had an eargasm when I was listening to Pink Floyd through my new Skullcandies!
by Led Nirvallica September 20, 2009
1. An emotional high caused by listening to an exceptional composition. Usually but not always after a period of musical abstinence.

2. Intense sexual arousal brought on by listening to somebody else's voice; usually accompanied by tingles down the spine or a warm feeling localized at the nape of the neck, indicative of instant sexual rapport. The aforementioned may however be caused by the building of rapport in general. This is usually considerably more intense with whispers in the ear; usually dictated by context and tone of voice rather than what is actually said (up until a plausible limit of nonsensicality or unpleasant content) due to implicit meaning.

3. A term used to describe pleasant sounds in general or the effect of, say, an exceptional surround sound system.

4. A spasm of the ear; usually not unpleasant.
1. Wow! (The musical climax of) Rammstein's new song just gave me one hell of an eargasm!

2. (Introspective) Her mellifluous British accent just gave me an intense eargasm.

3. Wow! This new stereo system of yours is an absolute eargasm!

4. Urgh, I just had an eargasm out of the blue...
by Anonymous Synonymous May 22, 2011
When one hears some amazing musical element
OMFG. Ruki's voice is a such an eargasm in "Filth in the Beauty".
by Hime-chan~!!! February 06, 2009
The physical and emotional extreme level of satisfaction experienced at the tip top, usually resulting from stimulation in circular rotations of a q-tip in the ear hole. The most intense point during ear excitement characterized by extremely gratifying sensations. Leaving you in enhanced emotinal arousal.. followed by relaxation of tensions and relief of itching.
Scott- " Fuck.. Oh Yea.. Thats the spot! MMMMM"

Amanda- " What the fuck is really going on?"

Scott- "I just had the best Ear-Gasm of my life!!"
by Amascott October 25, 2010
When your ear itches deep down inside, and the only way to make it stop is to plunge your finger into it and make a rattling motion, as if trying to scratch the itch. Upon doing this, the relief one feels is so intense and pleasurable, it can easily be compared to an orgasm, and some may even say it is difficult to stop digging at the itch once you start, so you are left fingering your ear like an idiot with your eyes rolling back in your head as if you are actually having an orgasm. Thus the term, Eargasm.
John found it hard to resist when his ear suddenly started itching in the doctor's office, and he soon found himself having an eargasm in front of the entire waiting room.
by Bada Bing-Bada Boom January 05, 2010
1. The intense pleasure derived from picking/scratching at the itchy inside of one's ear. The itch is usually caused by allergies.
2. a) The intense pleasure derived from hearing a musical piece or part of a musical piece, often the chorus of a popular song.

b) The musical piece or part of a musical piece that causes an eargasm.
1. I had a 5-minute eargasm scratching my ear canal with a mechanical pencil.
2. The chorus of many a Beatles' song is full of eargasms.
by _JL May 20, 2009

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