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The little pussy inside of everybody's ear in which only the best bands splooge with their musical godliness.
"...And they have come again, inside of your ear pussy."
by HannyManny September 14, 2007
The pussy inside a man or woman's ear that only the best bands can fuck with their amazing music and only their amazing music.
Dude#1: "Damn! That band is so good they rocked the shit out of my ear pussy! What about you?"

Dude#2: "My ear pussy's hurt. I think their bleeding!"
by browning55626 September 22, 2010
Slang for one's ear, when it is recieving a masssive load from the pure excellence of the sound of a musician/band.
Tenacious D will cum in your earpussy.
by Megan D January 03, 2008

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