When a woman skydives naked and she jumps out of the plane then the man jumps out and screams, "EAGLE FUCK" and screeches like an eagle then swoops down and has sex with the woman.
EAGLE FUCK!!!!!!!!
by Killgore33 November 19, 2009
Top Definition
When things are getting hot and naked, you flap your wings and peck at her nice rack while making a loud bird screech.
Girl-"Oh baby are we gonna make some good old fashion love?" Guy-"Nah baby im gonna peck and screech while we do some goold ole American Eagle Fucking!"
by Phillip Romero June 26, 2008
and eagle fuck is when the president fucks something up.
hey im the president let eagle fuck the public while selling public land to oil companies!!! yay
by skyshark February 02, 2009
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