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created by the people at including sloncek. its is going to be a new client for p2p sharing thats built on the BitTorrent protocol.

it was made to get rid of the need for trackers (such as suprnova and to dowload torrents from. it is currently in beta and schedualed to be released sometime in January 2005

unfortunatly this new program will be ad supported (see: kazaa) and the final version may also have spyware
eXeem will suck because it is not open source and it will probably have banner ads
by inoesomestuff January 13, 2005
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Just another money hungry spyware-infested decentralized p2p program/network that really has nothing to do with suprnova or sloncek.
Exeem might as well be Kazaa 10.0.
by Nudi December 30, 2004
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A p2p file sharing program that will be represensented by the closed team and sloncek. The program is a combination of Kazaa and Bittorrent merged together which will make file sharing alot more efficient and economical.
I can't wait to download that movie on Exeem
by Tony December 30, 2004
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a new p2p program with BitTorrent built in, developed by the team and Sloncek 5000 got access to the beta a couple of weeks ago. It's coming out soon (soon being a couple of weeks, not months)
fuck the RIAA and all the other money grabbing cunts that suck ass.
by filesharing=GOOD December 30, 2004
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