Battle.Net clan on east realm. They claim to have 'invented' snipers, a gaming style on StarCraft. They have done nothing but mimic the true makers of snipers, and ruin it. No one actually plays on their lame remakes any ways, not even them. AngelicWar > ES.

Original Sniper Credits:
~Psycho~Mantis~ - First common sniper map.
Consumed - First 'semi' anti hack.
Fleet-, aka AoD_AngelicWar - First full, and minimap anti hack.
Clan es eats the cock!
by Cold Army April 05, 2005
The best skate shoes ever made. és is sometimes misspronouced (by idiots) E.S. saying each letter instead of saying it as a word, for example making a word purlal by adding es to the end. és are 100000000000000000000000...........x better than any other shoes. Since most posers don't wear them becuase they whare stupid sheos you csn get at Bob's like etnies, adios, or DC's it makes them even better.
Real Skater: Hey i just got he és accel.
Poser: Those are so stupid look at my Adios.
Real Skater: You've had those since the begging of the year and there not a scracth on them.... you don't skate.
by Skater1234 April 09, 2008
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