being cool, mackin` cousins, repping hard over the interweb and basically cooling people you hate, geeks
"bro that shit was es ehh"
by Joe June 30, 2003
prefix going in the front of any word. the emphasis is placed on the second syllable of the word, not counting "es". if the word is more than two syllables long just drop any syllables past the second one. you do this because it is funny.
its an eskeyboard. its an esmyspace. its an escompute. its an eshistor <---thats history. its an esmicros <----thsts microsoft. its an esgranule <--- thats granulet.
by ryan michael marvin hay September 23, 2006
one sexy mother f'er ;)
karamelkisses lubs es.
by karamelkisses July 08, 2004
Skater shoes
Yo im gonna sk4te w1t m4 n3w $k474 $h0e !
és BABY és !!!
by songoku June 10, 2003
1. Abbreviation for 'Electric Spanish.' As in, the modern electric guitar. The design dates back to the late '30s.
2. A model of hollow or semi-hollow bodied Gibson electric guitars.
Gibson ES-295, ES-335, etc.
by Myajd jdg July 01, 2005
Funkmaster-type person who associates himself with the MegaZeux community.
<Es> But Basic was a long time ago, and pretty much the greatest thing I ever used it for was a program that printed SPAGHETTI SPAGHETTI SPAGHETTI SPAGHETTI and asked you if you wanted some more.
by Es September 17, 2003
Noun: Elite Snipers
Clan ES, Located on U.S.East server on
Home of the greatest sniper players of, but as of recent have branched into an all-around clan and hangout. Original creators were -|ES|-Eel, ES-Shin, ES-Master, and ES-Blackops.
The clan never claimed ownership or creation of the sniper maps, but were the first to create a bald version of snipers, with a working antihack.(Original versions had trees)
ES is the best at snipers.

Everyone is jealous of Clan ES.

Clan ES created the first anti-hack bald map, though it was never popularized, it had the original terrain structure and setup, minus the trees of the first sniper maps.
by Clan ES May 22, 2007

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