Correction previous definition: Es is not speed.
(Same source) "Mark, who seemed to be the fourth form's principal dealer in Es and speed."
by pavlov April 13, 2006
Top Definition
1.) Skate shoes.

2.) The German word meaning 'it'.
My eS Accels pwn any Emerica shoe.

Es ist scheisse!
by Ziggy Stardust March 03, 2005
Refers to EuroShopper Energy drink that is a little too popular among finnish kids.
"What's wrong with that kid? O_o"

"He's high on ES >__>"
by Mayxe October 23, 2012
(era sputnik)the standard dating system used in space. The year the first artifical satellite sputnik was launched into space (1957) marks the first year. based on the period of earths revolution around the sun.
ES is used in de de
by rockwell13 September 13, 2006
Elite Status, the highest rank on VestigeWorld
Dawool is best c-walker in the world! He should be ES on VestigeWorld!
by jinkkk January 08, 2009
The possessive form of En is 'Es'.

En means 'the being'. A being is any entity who has, or has ever had a consciousness. En is used to replace he or she or it or their (singular). En is also used to replace him, her (non-possessive) and them (singular). En is very useful in replacing a character's name when describing them. En is also useful in labelling any person or other being whose gender is unknown or irrelevant. Animals should be referred to as he, she, him, her or en - never 'it'.
a. The child grazed es knee on the ground and en began to cry.

b. The being of light telepathically adjusted the imperfect neurons in es human subject. En was pleased with what en saw.

In the first example, the child probably had a gender. If that gender was known, it would be perfectly reasonable to label the child he, she, him or her. However, in the second example, the being of light had no genitals. Therefore, es gender was irrelevant.

Under no circumstances should the ambiguous terms 'their' or 'them' be used in the singular context again , or 'it' in reference to a non-human being.
by paulnicholson July 16, 2008
being cool, mackin` cousins, repping hard over the interweb and basically cooling people you hate, geeks
"bro that shit was es ehh"
by Joe June 30, 2003
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